ncu - delicate print | @bulletnails

ncu -delicate print

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnailsi love the way this mani turned out! i only wish i hadn’t used a peel off base coat – so it would have lasted longer!

i had originally tried to do a stamp. that’s the only way i can actually image something on my nails being a delicate print! i tried and failed. i can’t seem to get past the point of getting the polish from the stamp to my nail/silicone mat. i’ve tried with a ton of different polishes and it’s just too inconsistent. i’m super jealous of everyone who can do it, and because of them, i won’t give up! i’m sure after so many fails, i’ll eventually get the hang of it. right?

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnails

but out of my stamping failure came a glitter pen mandala to the rescue! i was inspired by sealemon’s mandala journal doodle and figured that was something i could handle.

i used my new favorite, useful-for-every-application pens from color technik and just started making patterns.

i really like the texture of the polish underneath. i’m always a fan of something a little different, and that texture is just enough to set this apart from the usual high-gloss.

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnailscolors used: sally hansen deluxecolor technik glitter gel pens.


ncu – hippy / boho

i really like these! i think i would dress in the “boho” style if i ever wore anything besides my trusty jeans-tank-cardigan wardrobe. there’s so much to love about the boho style (as long as you ignore the annoying festival people). there’s a lot of mix and matching, flowers, jewel tones, lace.

so i tried to put all of that on my nails! for all of my nails i used my print-at-home temporary tattoo paper to get the details that my hands could never provide ;) my pinky is lace, and i really wanted it to be white lace, but a printer doesn’t print white so i tried to do a reverse and print the nude color. it’s not quite the right color but still kinda cute. then my ring finger has the ubiquitous gold found in all boho fashion, paired with a mandala (which i am super obsessed with and am considering getting one as a real tattoo somewhere). middle finger is a really pretty pattern that just said boho to me, not sure why. then there are some daisy’s on my pointer and turquoise on my thumb.


there are some great nail tutorials out there (left by kristen @ lacquerstyle) to your nails to look like legit turqouise stones. just by using plastic wrap and a spritzy water marble technique that looks super easy.

i will try that some day, but as i was planning this mani i discovered 1: i don’t have a good turquoise colored polish and 2: i don’t own hairspray. so until later on that one…

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen golden-i.

26gnai - spring animals | @bulletnails

26gnai – spring animals

this week’s theme is spring animals. at a loss for something to paint i googled it. and ohmygoodness i died looking at all the super cute baby animals that popped up on my screen!!

unfortunately i knew i would never be able to do justice hand painting these cute little furry friends, and i’m assuming there will be a lot of stamping going on this week, but i neither have stamps that apply nor the skills to make it happen.

so i stuck with what i’m comfortable with – simplifying! each nail is a different baby animal. can you tell what they are?

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ncu - rainbow | @bulletnails

ncu – rainbow

i’ve been thinking outside the box lately with my nail techniques! this week for the rainbow theme i used gel pens for my mani!

ncu - rainbow | @bulletnails

and it worked SO well. i’m still kind of surprised they 1) drew on my nails (actually on the peel of base coat), 2) that they didn’t completely wipe off or smear when i put a top coat over them, and 3) that they stayed on for a few days!

i love the control that i got by using pens. i love the colors. i love the glitter.

looks like my bullet journal isn’t going to be the only thing i use these pens for now! expect to see them again in the future!

ncu - rainbow | @bulletnails

sorry there are so many exclamation points here – i’m just super pumped how these turned out :)

ncu - rainbow | @bulletnails

i like the rainbow pattern that i did on my non-accent nails the best. i like how the edges are dark and the center is light. but i did the opposite on my ring finger just to see what it would look like. i don’t like it as much but i do like that you can see the chevron pattern better.

colors used: color technik glitter gel pens.

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

26gnai – mixed tape mani

today i was feeling the most literal! i couldn’t think of any ideas for this challenge then suddenly it hit me – be weird ;) i had 4 out of 5 of these tapes already sitting on my desk from other projects and i just figured, why not!

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

this is not a lasting mani. i had to press on my nails in between every photo for some of the tapes to even look like they were stuck down. the duck tape in particular wouldn’t stay stuck. which surprised me because it has the stickiest adhesive.

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

the one with the least sticky adhesive, painter’s tape, actually stayed in place the best. huh. the electrical tape stayed fairly well too – i think because it’s so stretchy it can handle the curve of my nails better than the thicker duck tape.

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

colors used: masking tape, painter’s tape, unicorn duck tape, rainbow glitter washi tape, electrical tape.

26gnai - holiday preparations | @bulletnails

26gnai – christmas preparations

this one was easy! the thing i dread most about getting out my christmas decorations are the tangled mess of lights! no matter how careful i am when putting them away, when it comes time to pull them out they’re in one giant knot. i think i have mischievous little elves that come in and tangle them just to test my christmas cheer ;)

26gnai - holiday preparations | @bulletnails

i don’t put up much decorations for christmas so fortunately i don’t get too stressed about de-balling the lights. there’s no tree or anything anymore, i just can’t justify storing a fake tree for 10 months just to have it out for two. but my first year in san francisco was the first year i ever got a real tree. it was beautiful and smelled great and i never wanted to take it down. but then i waited too long and the people who pop around and pick up all the trees from the curb stopped coming around. so i got a friend with a hand saw and we chopped my tree up into little bits that we threw out the window and stuffed into my (and my neighbors’) compost bin. that was a huge ordeal that i haven’t been looking forward to repeating. so this year i have planned to make a christmas tree silhouette out of poster board to put in my window. i’ve done something similar for halloween but thought it’d be cute as a tree with little lights on it. i’m hoping to get it done this weekend! if not it might be too late to bother…

the dots/lights on my nails were made with a dotting tool. then i painted in some quick lines to represent the cord (always in dark green!). i went over some of the dots again then put a dab of glow in the dark polish on each and voilà – christmas light nails. i don’t have any pics of the glow in the dark – i have never figured out the trick to photographing that, plus the dots of light are pretty small so even in real life are hard to see. but i know they glow and thats really all that matters!

colors used: essie cocktails & coconuts, models own luis lemon, models own toxic apple, mentality gumdrop, orly bring me her heart, blackheart green yellow shimmer.

galaxy nails | @bulletnails

galaxy all the things!

this past weekend was halloween and dia de los muertos – my two favorite holidays (why are they within 3 days of each other?!) i didn’t really do much for either this year, but i got dressed up :) at work on friday, i wore this super cute tardis dress. i’ve had it for a while but i haven’t worn it yet (the tulle makes me feel like i’m going to prom and the design, while super cute, doesn’t scream everyday wear). to finish the look i galaxied my nails and some $5 goodwill shoes :)

i used the same nail polish to do the shoes that i used for my nails. goodwill is great for stuff like this – i had no idea how the nail polish would react with the material of the shoes and didn’t want to ruin any good shoes. but they turned out so great! i’m going to wear them on the regular now, well as regular as i wear any heels (which is hardly ever).


they’re just so cute! i’m curious how they’ll hold up in the long run. i had no problems wearing them around all day, no chipping or flaking off. hopefully that’s a good sign :)

and then right after halloween was dia de los muertos. i didn’t go out but i did a galaxy sugar skull face paint. i really like it – i couldn’t get the colors to show up as well on my face as they do on my nails (and the shoes) though.

i think the pictures wash the colors out more than in real life, but it’s okay because i had fun doing it. even though i didn’t go out to celebrate i really wanted to feel connected to the holiday and spending some time on artwork was a good way to do it. although, it’s an interesting experience to work on your makeup for 2-3 hours and then hop in the shower and wash it all off.


colors used: wet n wild black créme, mentality gumdrop, kbshimmer hookah-smoking caterpillar, models own aqua violet, salon perfect fired up fuchsia, sinful colors tokyo pearl, wet n wild kaleidoscope, sally hansen glare necessities.