40gnai - star wars christmas | @bulletnails

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Christmas

merry christmas from a galaxy far far away. today’s crumpets prompt is christmas. but it’s also the release of one of the galaxy’s most awaited movies: star wars! now, don’t get mad, but i have never seen any of these movies. at first it was just an i-didn’t-grow-up-in-a-household-that-watched-that-kind-of-thing thing. but after a while it was a the-series-is-too-far-in-to-get-started-now sort of thing. now it’s a i-like-seeing-the-look-on-people’s-faces-when-i-tell-them kind of thing. people have tried to make me watch them, some have even tried trickery. it’s not that i think they’re gonna be bad (although i do worry about the hype!) it’s just that i don’t really care…

40gnai - star wars christmas | @bulletnails

but all that aside, i do know a lot of people do care. the fact that every movie theater around me’s opening night showing has been sold out for over a month now, is quite an indicator of the obsession. and it’s a little contagious. i was almost a stormtrooper for halloween. and now this.

40gnai - star wars christmas | @bulletnailsi’ve seen a few star wars manicures (the stormtrooper is inspired by this cute one) but i thought it would be so cute to have them all dressed up for the holidays! so i have the opening crawl (you know, the words going off into space that starts each movie) on my thumb, c3po, a stormtrooper, r2d2 and some lightsabers.

the only finger that turned out how i imagined it is r2d2. i like the straight lines – those i can handle. the others are messier than i would like. i guess i still haven’t gotten the hang of painting small details with nail polish. i know a lot of people use acrylics and stuff, but that 1. seems kinda like cheating and 2. means a whole extra set of supplies that i would have to find a home for. so i guess that means i’m going to keep fighting with the polish until i can conquer it, so maybe forever!

40gnai - star wars christmas | @bulletnails

if you notice on my right hand the santa hat is just polish, but on my left (in the second pic) i used a little bit of cotton to make the hat fluffy. it’s a fun 3d addition, but i have a feeling it’s going to drive me crazy and get removed pretty fast!

take a look at all the other great christmas ideas:

40GNAI - christmas


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