31dc: day thirteen: animal print

31dc animal printyay! this manicure was the first one i thought of when i looked over this challenge. i was inspired by this beautiful green rose chafer beetle that i’ve owned for quite a while now. i love showing it off because it’s so cool and unusual, but because it’s so tiny people tend to not see it. and it’s a little weird inviting guests over just to see my dead bug.

31dc animal print

this manicure started with opi green on the runway. i then sponged on some rimmel mania and finished with kiss black. i did a few different coats to get the right kind of green and blue layering.

31dc animal printhere you can kind of see the multiple layers of paint. both of these polishes have great color changing qualities when viewed from different light sources. unfortunately that’s really hard to photograph.

this turned out as close as i could hope for. the colors could’ve been brighter but they have just the right color-changing-ness for me!

31dc animal print

31dc animal print

one last picture of my cute dead bug ;)


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