apple2i work at apple. it’s a really interesting place to work. for many reasons. right now is their 30th anniversary / birthday of the mac. every employee is wearing these special 30 shirts to commemorate. i love the rainbow (and miss the old rainbow logo). so i thought i’d get in on the rainbow train and paint my nails to match. i wanted lots of colors on my nails. i picked 5 different polishes and ended up with about 15 different colors. what i did was start with a base coat of each color per nail. once those were dry i took the base from each finger and appleadded to the top of the one next to it. and i did the opposite to the other hand. so in the pic on the right my index got a yellow base and the the middle got the yellow as the accent. the pic on the left my middle got yellow base with the index getting the yellow accent. it seems a little complicated but it was pretty quick and easy. and i love how the different layerings came out with such different colors. i like the left picture the best (except for the index). the color layers on the right are too subtle.



i thought i’d try something different here. most of my polishes are in the pink and purple families. i wanted to try out my new gradient skills and some new colors. i’m not a huge fan (although i’ve gotten quite a few compliments already) – i think it looks like there’s mold growing on the end of my fingers!



i really loved the pink and purple gradient i did a little while ago. but it chipped SO FAST! argh. it’s frustrating spending so much time to do something so cool looking, and it to be ruined in only a few days. so, i bought a cute little gel mani kit. it’s from target and it’s a single finger LED but that’s really all i need. so i’m trying my pink and purple gradient again. i used the same colors as last time (i put more purple in it) and did a gel top coat. it made it SUPER shiny! but i like it – it looks liquid.┬áit’s been a few days and everything is seeming to hold up pretty well. as you can see there’s a few chips but this would have been way worse if not for the gel top coat.