ncu - neon | @bulletnails

ncu – neon

this past weekend was pride here in sf. it was very easy working some neon into my mani to fit in!

did one hand stripey, like the lgbtq flag. (you can see i added glitter from the first pic to this one. obviously it wasn’t done until there was glitter!)

ncu - neon | @bulletnails


and the other is a fun bubbly rainbow :)

ncu - neon | @bulletnails

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, wet n wild red a good book, pop ablaze, model’s own luis lemon, salon perfect loopy limebermuda baby, torrid purple irridecent, spoiled shaken snow globe.

26gnai - yellow + 1 bold color | @bulletnails

26gnai – yellow + 1 bold color

once again i’m ho-hum about this prompt. i don’t know if my being uninspired is due to me (there’s a lot going on in my life right now) or the prompts.

either way, i don’t like this mani – but i took the time to do it, so figured i might as well post it. i had a hard time with bold color with yellow – because yellow is such a bold color. i typically like to pair it with muted or neutral colors (grey is my fave with yellow) so that the yellow is the bold color.

26gnai - yellow + 1 bold color | @bulletnails

i thought purple would be good because it’s opposite on the color wheel. and i thought the chrome style would make it stand out more. it didn’t. i probably should have used the purple from my watercolor nails instead. oh well!

colors used: claire’s tropic thunder, sally hansen mellow yellow, pop gold glitz.

ncu - watercolor | @bulletnails

ncu – watercolor

i’m getting back into painting my nails. i don’t know what it is, but i have just been uninspired the past few weeks. i have been very busy and i did go on vacation, but i’ve just been dreading the thought of having to paint my nails. i that’s part of the problem, that i feel i have to do it. but i also think i’m just uninspired by a lot of the prompts this year. when i read through the list i just wasn’t that excited about any of them… but i’m going to challenge myself to find a way to make them exciting. either by trying new stuff or being weird or whatever. we’ll see if that works ;)

this week’s prompt was watercolor nails. i have seen this technique done quite a few times and it’s always pretty nice, but i’ve never tried it myself. it’s not hard, but it definitely took me a bit to get the hang of it.

if you don’t know, to do this style, all you do is put a drop of paint on your nail then use nail polish remover / acetone on a brush to thin in out and spread it around. here’s a good video to see what i mean. i found that the more liquid you use the better it works. i was worried that the acetone would just take all the color off and i would be left with nothing on my nail so i didn’t use much at first. but the dryer my brush was, the more i was just daubing the paint around rather than it spreading out on it’s own like watercolor.

ncu - watercolor | @bulletnails

notice the purple in the above photo – that was the first color i did. i feel like you can see that i sort of just pushed the color around (look at the middle finger and thumb especially). you’ll also notice how bright and vivid the colors are. that does not say watercolor (to me at least). i used bright colors thinking that a lot of the color was going to disappear once i added the acetone. well, yes and no. the purple we’ve already mentioned, but even the pink and yellow, as i started to get the way of it, still didn’t lighten up that much. i don’t know if i still wasn’t doing it right or if it’s the colors of the polish i used are too bright or too pigmented. but don’t worry – i had a solution!

ncu - watercolor | @bulletnails

i just painted over them with a fairly transparent sparkly white. and voilà! watercolor colors ;)

colors used: models own pukka purplepink punch, luis lemon, sinful colors social ladder.

26gnai - pastel bold gradient | @bulletnails
26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

26gnai – pastel christmas

i think today is proof that i should give up on stamping. i just can’t seem to figure out the technique! i want to be able to do it so bad, but i never seem to have any success. plus this happened:

stamper woes @bulletnails

i don’t even know how! it happened before i even started stamping – so i can’t blame my she-hulk super strength on anger and frustration! this is also the first time i even used my cute clear stamper. womp womp.

anyway, i had the thought of doing christmas presents for my pastel theme. i wanted something matchey yet knew i was going to do skittles so nothing too complicated. i used one pastel color per nail. then did a silver stamp print to represent different wrapping papers. then added a matching neon color on top as ribbon.

26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

i like how they look. the only thing i would change if i could is my stamping skills ;) and to have mixed the yellow with white to make it more pastel. once i put the neon yellow on top as ribbon, it didn’t even show up so i had to paint over it with white :)

colors used: sally hansen mint sorbetmellow yellowbubblegum pinklacey lilacbabe blueceleb cityposh plum, salon perfect loopy limefired up fuschiabermuda baby, and sinful colors snow me white.

SIA | @bulletnails

SIA concert


so i missed the last prompt of the year long crumpet’s challenge. i was planning on doing it, even alluded to it in my last post. but something cooler came up and my nails had to honor that instead!

on saturday i got to go to a sia concert (with miguel – swoon!). it was amazing. it was just like you would think it would be – sia standing at the back of the stage, bangs-covered face, belting out all her amazing songs with maddie and a few other dancers dressed in nude leotards jumping around the stage. it was really beautiful actually.

i found out i was going to the concert on tuesday – which is why i didn’t have time for the last crumpet’s prompt (earth tones with fan brush). it was understandably usurped!

SIA | @bulletnails

so i tried two different things with my nails – one hand i did half and half like sia’s current iconic wig and the other i used a nude base to mimic the leotard. then each has a little sia face with big bow accent nail :)

rupaul's drag race S08E04 | naysha lopez runway inspired mani

RuPolished – New Wave Queens

i really enjoyed this episode. the music was fun(ny) and i absolutely loved the runway theme – neon!


i was floored by most of the runway looks – bob (was that nail polish on her head?), betty (so fishy! & where can i get that wig?!), naysha (one of the top looks, like ever), robbie turner (1800’s realness) & nina (a pointy bra and legs for days) were my favorites!

IMG_9976so much inspiration! but when i saw naysha’s i knew it was all over. the only thing left was to figure out how to do this outfit justice. and there was SO much more i wanted to do. this outfit was crazy – airbrushed to death, spikes, gems, neon, spandex – i wanted to include it all. but as i was working i found out that simpler might be better.


i did this hand first – i was really wanting to go for it! i got all the colors in there, the vertical gradient, the horizontal stripes (i wish i had an airbrush machine!) and the dots. i don’t have any spikes (neon or otherwise) and all my gems are too big and would have taken over the whole nail. but i got the base of the outfit.


then it was almost time for bed. what to do. i was just going to leave my other hand as it was – primed with white but unadorned – but decided i had enough time to make it match. as long as it was simple. i did the vertical gradient, then decided i had enough time to do the orange stripes – then time for bed young lady! i actually really like this hand too. it’s much simpler / less busy. i think it works better as a manicure because it’s not overwhelming. but the other bring out more of the outfit.

overall, i’m glad i have both versions!

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, model’s own luis lemon, beach hut, pink punch, toxic apple & pukka purple.