john legend!

johnlegend2oh man. best night of my life. last night i went and saw john legend at the paramount in oakland. *swoon* i got a front row ticket. i saw sound check. got a picture with the man himself. and i gave him a poster that i made for him (and he signed a copy for me!). oh gosh i can’t even contain myself right now. anyway the way this pertains to this blog is i had updated my nails for the concert. on top of the silver gradient that i already had, i added purple to make it stand out more. unfortunately i didn’t take an actual picture of my hands – so we’ll all have to make due with the one i took of my peace sign and the little glimpse we get from my hand on john’s shoulder *double swoon*

well it’s off to turkey time – happy thanksgiving!!


painting party

tonight i went to a nail painting party. not to brag but my nails were sorta better than everyone else’s. being good at this i thought i might journal my ups and downs.

nailparty2above is a simple photo of the nails i did tonight at the party. we also each got to try out some new techniques (left). i’ve really been wanting to try the gradient look – i’ve seen it a lot of places and really love it but never new how to do it. a makeup sponge – genius. i also learned the value of small paint brushes. you can put a lot of detail in with something like that!