ncu - delicate print | @bulletnails

ncu -delicate print

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnailsi love the way this mani turned out! i only wish i hadn’t used a peel off base coat – so it would have lasted longer!

i had originally tried to do a stamp. that’s the only way i can actually image something on my nails being a delicate print! i tried and failed. i can’t seem to get past the point of getting the polish from the stamp to my nail/silicone mat. i’ve tried with a ton of different polishes and it’s just too inconsistent. i’m super jealous of everyone who can do it, and because of them, i won’t give up! i’m sure after so many fails, i’ll eventually get the hang of it. right?

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnails

but out of my stamping failure came a glitter pen mandala to the rescue! i was inspired by sealemon’s mandala journal doodle and figured that was something i could handle.

i used my new favorite, useful-for-every-application pens from color technik and just started making patterns.

i really like the texture of the polish underneath. i’m always a fan of something a little different, and that texture is just enough to set this apart from the usual high-gloss.

ncu - delicate print | @bulletnailscolors used: sally hansen deluxecolor technik glitter gel pens.

rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

RuPolished – She Done Already Done Brought It On

yay cynthia’s back! i told my friend last week that whoever the returning queen is will already have a huge advantage just because no one on this season so far stood out. and while that is true (and cynthia (and her cucu) is the biggest personality on the show now) i do think the other queens stepped it up this week.

i do think quite a few of the “white party” outfits were pretty great: i really liked aja’s with the mask (i wish she had kept it on the whole time though and stayed in the creepy hanibal lecter character through the entire runway), i liked farah’s showgirl-mirrored-feather ensemble, and i loved valentina’s wedding dress (even though it was a slightly obvious choice). i really think, even though everyone was clocking her for being a newbie, she’s the one to watch.

i’m also relieved that they’re back to the regular runway set – i would have died if they kept the high-school-gym-turned-pageant-show set they had last week.

rupaul's drag race S09E02 | cynthia lee fontaine "white party" mani

so my nail’s are painted for ms. fontaine’s white party look. 1: because it was gorgeous and sparkly and super classy and i’m glad she’s back (although it would have be the best if it was shangela again!) and 2: because i had no idea how i would paint some of these other plain white outfits onto my nails!

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sinful colors tokyo pearl.

ncu - sweets | @bulletnails

ncu – sweets

so i gave up “sweets” for the month of february. just to see if i had the willpower to do so, to see if after not eating them if i would still crave them, and hopefully to loose some weight. well i did, i still do (but not as much) and i did. so success. a month later and it’s easier to not have sweets very often. i have been able to choose healthier snacks (apples are my current favorite) and hopefully i will be able to keep up with this.

during this no-sweets-february – chocolate was the hardest thing to live without. so i am paying homage to all the chocolate that i did not eat in february, and hopefully nails-that-look-like-chocolate will be enough to not eat it too much now either ;)

i used three different colors on top, i was thinking white chocolate caramel and dark chocolate. and the base would be milk chocolate.

okay, i’ve got to stop writing about this before i talk myself into finding a candybar…

colors used: homemade brown frankenpolish, essie partners in crime, mentality marmalade, sinful colors social ladder.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – insects

i like this mani – it just doesn’t quite fit the prompt. i’ve done an insect manicure once before for an animal print prompt. it was also a beetle. they’re just so interesting! unfortunately this one ended up not quite so interesting.

there were so many ideas i had in my brain – but most of them i knew i couldn’t pull off. i really wanted to do something with bug eyes. i love how crazy they look. especially macro photos – beautiful. i have no idea how to translate that to my fingernails – maybe someone else in the group will have and i can try to figure out how they did it!

so i looked up some beetles and did a lazy version of these:

i only have one textured polish, which is blue, so i used that as my base – sponging it on to try and concentrate the texture even more. then i added black over the top, sponging again so as not to fill in the texture but to also take out some of the shine.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

you can still see some of the blue underneath. i meant to cover it completely, but actually like the added color :) i could have left it like that, but decided it wasn’t buggy enough so i added some lines to mimic the shape of the beetle’s shell.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails

colors used: essie lots of lux, spoiled visually slimming, essie matte about you.

40gnai - insects | @bulletnails


halloween part 1

halloween is my favorite holiday. when i was little my mom always made my sister and my costumes. there were some good ones in there. there were some that went all the way through my nieces and if my mom has her way will probably go to my grand-niece too! our costumes were always so cute and wholesome. i’ve been raggedy anne, a clown. one year i was catwoman. that one was awesome – i had really long press on nails / claws and i was all in black with a mask. nevermind that the all black outfit was probably a sweatsuit and the stitching on it was done in fabric marker. i felt awesome.

now as an adult i try to continue in the tradition of hand-made costumes. both for nostalgia (and my wallet)’s sake as well as the fact that all (most) of the pre-packaged costumes for ladies are disgusting. examples: sexy nurse, sexy dorothy, sexy toto (okay i don’t know if that’s a real thing but scooby doo is), sexy pig, sexy shark attack victimsexy squirrel, and sexy pizza rat.

anyway, there will be more halloween posts so i’ll continue my rants later on – let’s get to the nails!


for my first halloween manicure of the season i decided to try one of the new techniques i learned during the year. sugar spun nails are fun and quirky and fairly easy. this manicure in my head was a little different than it turned out on my nails. i was hoping to get the strings thicker to look more like gauze wrapping but i got a lot of really thin strings. i still think it turned out okay – i just ended up going over my nails more times to make up for it.

mummiescolors used: spoiled visually slimming, wet n wild french white crème, revlon matte top coat, pop ablaze, and wet n wild glo’ money, glo’ problems.

the problem with thick sugar spun polish is that it takes for-eh-ver to dry. and you end up with the photo below…


i had to repaint these two nails because when i hopped in the shower a few hours after doing my mummies the paint just smeared all over. heading for bed and working in the morning, i didn’t have much choice other than to clean off the polish and just do two accent nails (but only on one hand!).


fall leaves

i live in california. there are no seasons here. trees, flowers, grass, all grow all year long. so i decided the only way i was going to see the changing leaves was to put them on my fingers!

falli was originally going to paint on the veins of the leaves but i decided to try imprinting them instead. i’m sure there’s some technical term for it but i don’t know what it is…

fallanyway i started out with a makeup sponge and put dabs of autumnal colors on it, then transferred to my nails. i tried to mix it up as i was applying to my nails so that the pattern on each would be slightly different and you’d see more of some colors pop out.

fallas you can see in the pic on the left, when i put on the top coat it really filled in the grooves that i had dug into the polish and makes the leaves a lot more subtle. i think in most of these pictures i like the before top coat versions better because it’s more dramatic. but in real life i like that my nails are a little smoother.


colors used: opi bogotá blackberry, homemade brown, mentality taffy, heaven power up green, and wet n wild sunny side up.


textured stamping

i went bowling the other day. bowling is really bad for my nails. i broke both thumb- and index nails. i also ruined my gradient manicure in the process. so it didn’t last very long :(

texture stampthis was my quick redo. i really like the base coat (essie lots of lux), it has a nice texture and is a wonderful dark / royal blue. the stamping was, once texture stampagain, a bit of an experiment. i used claire’s liquid metal in dime a dozen for the stamp. it has really nice coverage – the pattern shows up really nicely. but i think it’s too liquidy for stamping. i had a lot of polish left on the plate after scraping, which left little shadows around the pattern (notice the pinky nail on the main photo). fortunately you don’t notice the bad stamping job too much in everyday life.