ncu - neon | @bulletnails

ncu – neon

this past weekend was pride here in sf. it was very easy working some neon into my mani to fit in!

did one hand stripey, like the lgbtq flag. (you can see i added glitter from the first pic to this one. obviously it wasn’t done until there was glitter!)

ncu - neon | @bulletnails


and the other is a fun bubbly rainbow :)

ncu - neon | @bulletnails

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, wet n wild red a good book, pop ablaze, model’s own luis lemon, salon perfect loopy limebermuda baby, torrid purple irridecent, spoiled shaken snow globe.

ncu - fruit | @bulletnails

ncu – fruits

it has been a struggle to paint my nails recently. luckily i had a friend over a few nights ago and we had a mani party :) we may have been consuming adult beverages, so i give myself a pass if my idea is a) unoriginal and b) not done well.

if you don’t look too closely i actually really like them :) it was funny to choose watermelon as my fruit of choice because it’s probably one of my least favorite fruits (and my number one least favorite flavoring for anything!). but maybe it’s that half moon shape that made me think it would pair well with nails :)


26gnai – water

this was how i painted my nails when i went to hawaii! i knew i would be in the water (and at the beach) a lot, so what better way to fit in than with water nails ;)

i started with a gradient. easy-peasy. then came the part i’ve had trouble with before – the spritzy-water-marble look that i wanted to do a few weeks ago for the hippy/boho prompt (to make it look like turquoise).


one of my problems back then was that i didn’t own hairspray. which is probably a strange thing to say. but i don’t use it. my hair is super thin and straight and hairspray just doesn’t do much for me. but for the sake of my nails i went out and bought some – its outrageous that the 2.something ounce travel bottle is the same price as the 10 ounce full size bottle. so i have to choose between wasting money (sm btl) or wasting product (big btl). booo.


somehow i only took some photos of the final mani once i was on vacation. and then only with my gopro. which is cool because it’s water nails in the water, but not very focused or hi-res… oh well. i don’t even care because i was in hawaii!!

colors used: femme fatale alice, mentality gumdrop, essie no more film