septemburton | @bulletnails


for this mani i was inspired by the alamo drafthouse theater. they’re an amazing theater – showing new releases but also random older movies. this month’s theme was septemburton (combo of september and tim burton!).

tim burton is amazing and half of these movies are my childhood.

septemburton | @bulletnails

there’s beetlejuice (beetlejuice, beetlejuice) (1988), edward scissorhands (1990), peewee’s big adventure (1985), batman (1985) and corpse bride (2005).

it was so great getting to go to these movies in the theater – excluding the most recent movie (corpse bride) the oldest i would have been during their original theater run was 6 years old. so i would have never had the chance to see them like that.

septemburton | @bulletnails

besides having great movies – the drafthouse has great food (like truffle parmesan popcorn) and drinks (including boozy milkshakes!) that you order from your pre-reserved seats (& table). it’s a great experience and if there’s an alamo drafthouse in your city and you haven’t been there – go now!

septemburton | @bulletnails

about the mani – i tried to super-simplify the characters (like i previously did with my super heroine design) to 1. make it easier to paint and 2. give it more of an abstract feel. i think if you know they’re tim burton inspired the first two are super easy. the middle and ring got a few correct guesses (maybe people don’t know that they’re tim burton?) and nobody guessed the last one.


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