31dc: day twenty eight: inspired by a flag

good morning!! boy, am i ahead of my time! i’ve had these nails done for a little while now (i went to vegas for a few days and cheated on my nail challenge – did multiple mani’s for a few days to get ahead). my real purpose was to have my rainbow flag for PRIDE this weekend. and lo and behold – the supreme court ruling came out while i was wearing these. i let everyone think that i had done it especially for that ;)

31dc flagbut luck just happened to give me the flag prompt during pride month, and on the same day as the san francisco pride parade. and now with gay marriage legal this is the most perfect manicure EVAR!

so as i said i went to vegas with these bad boys – i love how they look in the sun – so sparkly! they did struggle to keep up with my hours in the swimming pool though. i thought the temporary tattoo paper with a gel top coat would be enough to keep them in tip top shape for a while. but sadly that is not the case.

31dc flag

this picture (yay sun and palm trees) was taken only two days after application. womp womp. today looks even worse (i won’t subject you to a picture of them now). but this is my constant struggle with my nails, when not doing a manicure a day challenge i want the designs that i do to last a while. the gel top coat definitely helps but i wish it was more like at the salon. my friends who get their nails did don’t seem to have to mess with them for weeks and they still look good (besides the signs of growth).


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