tried something new today and i think it worked out really well!

snakeskini started out with an orange and green gradient. weird right?

snakeskinafter the polish was completely dry i applied a temporary tattoo to each nail. i had purchased this printable tattoo paper for my friends circus wedding – my original idea was to be the tattooed lady. i ended up being their fortune teller and my mom went as the snake charmer. i had printed this snake skin for her nails but we ran out of time.

snakeskinhere’s a close up of the tattoo applied to the nail. the hard thing about this paper is that once it’s applied it’s like a sticker – not like a traditional temporary tattoo that you buy in vending machines or whatever. it’s still like a piece of paper. so once i got to this point i had to take an exacto knife and cut off the paper that was outside my nail. tedious to say the least.

snakeskinbut i’m not upset about it because they turned out really well. this is definitely something i will try again.


all the ombre

i just dyed half of my hair green/teal/turquoise! i’ve had “loud” colored hair for a long time but it’s always been the underneath part. or the tips. but i decided i needed something more dramatic. and it is :)ombreso in honor of my new hair, i colored my nails to match. teal/blue ombre. now if only i could figure out how to dye my hair with glitter!