26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

26gnai – green freestyle

for my green freestyle the first thing i thought of was a mermaid tail. so i gathered up all my green polishes and just started dotting away. that’s kinda all there is to this one…

26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

i really like these nails close up!

26gnai - green freestyle | @bulletnails

colors used: blackheart beauty green/ylw shimmer, mentality pastillesourball, sally hansen sparkling water, kbshimmer pt young thing, opi green on the runway, sinful colors mint apple.

ncu - anti-valentine | @bulletnails

ncu – anti-valentine

he loves me… he loves me not…

that’s the theme of my “anti-valentine’s” prompt today. i don’t love valentine’s day, but i also don’t hate it. like most other holidays in my life i’m indifferent to it (holidays really only get my approval if i get the day off of work and/or get to dress up!). so when thinking of what to paint i did some google searching. there’s a lot of valentine’s day hate out there! dang. a lot of it is broken hearts and taking-back-the-day-from-corporate-greed-mongers-who-are-guilting-people-into-sales-based-on-chocolatey-professions-of-love-all-while-alienating-single-people.

valentine’s day is doing the most!

so i thought of something that is still cute but could potentially be anti: the hope of true love through divine intervention and plucking of flower petals. so each of my fingers is less one flower petal. and just like when doing this in real life the outcome is based on where you start and where you end. is first plucked petal a “he loves me” or a “he loves me not”? so this could either be a manicure in favor of valentines day or against. ;)

ncu - anti-valentine | @bulletnails

for the mani itself i started with one of my favorite sparkly holo’s as a base coat and on my silcone mat did a gradient from yellow to orange. when that dried i cut it up (above pic) and glued them on to my nails. i should have tried to alternate the colors more, but i thought the layering would make each petal stand out more than it did.

colors used: kbshimmer pt. young thing, wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen mellow yellow, pop ablaze.

galaxy nails | @bulletnails

galaxy all the things!

this past weekend was halloween and dia de los muertos – my two favorite holidays (why are they within 3 days of each other?!) i didn’t really do much for either this year, but i got dressed up :) at work on friday, i wore this super cute tardis dress. i’ve had it for a while but i haven’t worn it yet (the tulle makes me feel like i’m going to prom and the design, while super cute, doesn’t scream everyday wear). to finish the look i galaxied my nails and some $5 goodwill shoes :)

i used the same nail polish to do the shoes that i used for my nails. goodwill is great for stuff like this – i had no idea how the nail polish would react with the material of the shoes and didn’t want to ruin any good shoes. but they turned out so great! i’m going to wear them on the regular now, well as regular as i wear any heels (which is hardly ever).


they’re just so cute! i’m curious how they’ll hold up in the long run. i had no problems wearing them around all day, no chipping or flaking off. hopefully that’s a good sign :)

and then right after halloween was dia de los muertos. i didn’t go out but i did a galaxy sugar skull face paint. i really like it – i couldn’t get the colors to show up as well on my face as they do on my nails (and the shoes) though.

i think the pictures wash the colors out more than in real life, but it’s okay because i had fun doing it. even though i didn’t go out to celebrate i really wanted to feel connected to the holiday and spending some time on artwork was a good way to do it. although, it’s an interesting experience to work on your makeup for 2-3 hours and then hop in the shower and wash it all off.


colors used: wet n wild black créme, mentality gumdrop, kbshimmer hookah-smoking caterpillar, models own aqua violet, salon perfect fired up fuchsia, sinful colors tokyo pearl, wet n wild kaleidoscope, sally hansen glare necessities.

pink fishtail | @bulletnails

neon fishtail

my first time doing a fishtail! i really like the way this turned out :) the pink and purple are both new – from, torrid, a really great clothing store for curvy girls – and of course i wanted to do something with them right away.

salmon fishtailthe colors look really nice together and the pink even makes me look tan (even though i am the exact opposite of that!). the only trouble i ran in to was that the colors aren’t quite opaque enough for the fishtail to work properly. because of this i had two options (neither ideal): 1 –  paint on a thin to normal coat of each color and just deal with being able to see the color underneath or 2 – paint thick or double layers of each, doubling the drying time and taking up my entire evening. as you can see, i went with more of option #1.

salmon fishtail

colors used: torrid purple irridecent [sic], torrid neopink, and kbshimmer pt. young thing.

purple fishtailafter wearing this mani for a few days all the pink nails started to chip. the fishtails were fine though so instead of redoing the whole thing i repainted the pink to purple. i’m really happy with being able to keep these a few extra days – they’re cute and like a whole new design (but way easy!).

40gnai - things that fly - hot air balloons | @bulletnails

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – things that fly

i’m gonna keep this one pretty brief. once again the idea in my head and the design on my fingers are two drastically different things. i do like how these turned out but the theme isn’t obvious (like I think it always should be).

40gnai - things that fly - hot air balloons | @bulletnails
the theme was “things that fly” and my design is hot air balloons. in my mind i was seeing all these fantastical, colorful designs but when I googled it a lot of the designs are very simple – likes stripes, maybe a chevron or two. so i did what i could with what i had.

colors used: sally hansen babe blue, sinful colors snow me white, kbshimmer pt. young thing, salon perfect fired up fuschia, haute pink, yowza yellow, loopy lime and bermuda baby.

40gnai - things that fly - hot air balloons | @bulletnails

birthday mani | @bulletnails

happy birthday to me!

yesterday was my birthday :) i had the day off and i slept in, ate super delicious pie and painted my nails!! the perfect day (oh and went out to dinner with some friends and then drinks with more friends – even more perfect!!)

birthday pennantsso for my nails i decided that since i don’t do birthday parties, my nails could. so i hung up some cute pennant banners ;)

birthday pennantsi used some scotch washi tape that i got at target for the triangles. they’re super cute and sparkly – but stick up a lot. after i took my pictures and before i went out i decided to top off with a (pretty thick) gel coat so they wouldn’t get stuck on anything or just fall off.



just a quick mani today. i took off my polish last night and was going to go naked for a while. but it felt too weird! so i went with my trusty spoiled distant memory (a fave because it matches my hair). i was going to leave it as is, but worried what people might think (oh the scandal! one color? “are you feeling alright?”). so i looked up some nail challenges and came across the “oh mon dieu” challenge on craftynails.com. now, i’ve missed most of the challenge (and am definitely not ready to dive into another everyday challenge) but they recently did the prompt “peace”.

peacei liked that idea so here’s my piece (haha get it?!). i used kbshimmer pt. young thing for the accent nails.

check out some of the other awesome peace manicures through this nifty “inlink” button below :)