40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – festivals / hippie travels

this is probably my favorite prompt of this whole thing so far. i did not anticipate that!

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

but this one is close to home ;) when i thought of festivals and hippies and things associated with that i couldn’t think anywhere past haight-ashbury. it’s the birthplace of the hippie movement. the summer of love, the human be-in, lsd, the beat generation, grateful dead, janis joplin – all of this in a tiny little neighborhood off the golden gate park in san francisco.

well that tiny little neighborhood is about 6 blocks from my house. and while it has changed, and is still changing, it’s still a beacon of love and acceptance. in my mind there is no better place to represent on my tiny finger canvases than haight-ashbury :)

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

so i started by doing all my nails tie dye. i’ve done tie dye once before and really liked the look. i went a bit more neon for this one and the colors just worked so well together! here you can see the mess with the liquid latex still on.

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

then i added some details to a few of the nails. there is the haight-ashbury street sign, a vw bus and a peace sign. i had other icons i wanted to add, but ran out of time and thought better of some (a pot leaf being one of those i reconsidered – probably nsfw!)

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

the amount of detail i wanted in these (the street sign for instance) was a little daunting. i’m not real great with really fine detail, but i found a different brush in my kit that actually works really well. the close-up is still messy looking but when you’re more than .5 inches away it’s actually legible and not too unkempt! yay!

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

i put a gel clear coat over the top because i fell in love and definitely wanted to wear this for a while. while i was curing it the neons in the tie dye were so perfectly psychedelic – that i had to try and get a picture of that too.

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

colors used: spoiled distant memory, salon perfect loopy lime, salon perfect yowza yellow, pop ablaze, model’s own pukka purple, sally hansen fuchsia power.

40gnai - hippie travels | @bulletnails

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