just a quick mani today. i took off my polish last night and was going to go naked for a while. but it felt too weird! so i went with my trusty spoiled distant memory (a fave because it matches my hair). i was going to leave it as is, but worried what people might think (oh the scandal! one color? “are you feeling alright?”). so i looked up some nail challenges and came across the “oh mon dieu” challenge on now, i’ve missed most of the challenge (and am definitely not ready to dive into another everyday challenge) but they recently did the prompt “peace”.

peacei liked that idea so here’s my piece (haha get it?!). i used kbshimmer pt. young thing for the accent nails.

check out some of the other awesome peace manicures through this nifty “inlink” button below :)



i’ve realized, doing this manicure, that i should never paint my nails while watching a movie marathon. because apparently my subconscious will paint that movie onto my nails.


if you haven’t guessed it already, i just watched all the x-men movies. maybe my fingernails just wanted to have super powers – if so i wouldn’t blame them.

x-nails_inspirationi was inspired by this manicure by claire watson. so i started out trying to do a tape mani for these. i haven’t really gotten the hang of that yet. for some reason it’s really hard for me to place the tape very well with only one hand or something. then i always seem to peel up the polish underneath (i can be a little impatient) or the top color peels up or seeps through. for this one i decided that instead of taking up a bunch of time trying to lay out the tape, i would just do the lines by hand. they’re a bit thicker and uneven this way but i don’t mind that too much.


i also don’t have as long of nails as this person and without the tape it made it a lot harder to get the same design.

colors used: kbshimmer pt. young thing, sally hansen pep-plum and gunmetal, essie sunday funday and garden variety.


textured stamping

i went bowling the other day. bowling is really bad for my nails. i broke both thumb- and index nails. i also ruined my gradient manicure in the process. so it didn’t last very long :(

texture stampthis was my quick redo. i really like the base coat (essie lots of lux), it has a nice texture and is a wonderful dark / royal blue. the stamping was, once texture stampagain, a bit of an experiment. i used claire’s liquid metal in dime a dozen for the stamp. it has really nice coverage – the pattern shows up really nicely. but i think it’s too liquidy for stamping. i had a lot of polish left on the plate after scraping, which left little shadows around the pattern (notice the pinky nail on the main photo). fortunately you don’t notice the bad stamping job too much in everyday life.


pastel gradient (plus some ranting)

so i’ve been a little sad about how few likes and followers i have on instagram. it’s not a huge deal but it bothers me when Ii’m looking through nail photos and there are blurry / badly painted / etc photos that have hundreds or thousands of likes. i do a lot of work on my nails and i may be a little biased but i think they (and my photography of them) look pretty darn good.

well, i am sad no longer. i was just in the App Store looking for an instagram poster (an alternate app that would allow me to post so that i could have two different apps for my two different accounts), and when you type instagram there are 3 types of apps: instagram itself, cropping/sizing/collaging apps and, get this, likes/followers apps. there are at least a dozen apps that claim to give you more followers and likes. this explains how certain photos / people can be so popular when there is no outward reasoning for it. which makes me feel better. i may not have a lot of likes or followers but i have my dignity (might be a bit harsh but i really feel like paying / downloading followers and likes is cheating).

all i can do is press on. continue to paint my nails in a way that i like and continue to post them. maybe it’ll turn into something, maybe not. either way here is my manicure this week.

pastel gradient

very simple – i wanted something that didn’t take much time (i’m still worn out from 31dc). gradient is done with essie sunday funday, cocktails and coconuts, sally hansen lacey lilac, and the dots with revlon snow bunny.


31dc: final thoughts

so. the 31 day challenge has been over for about a week. i’ve been recovering… i’m not exactly sure why people do this challenge more than once. to be honest it was exhausting! some evenings i had to pass on hanging out with friends because i had to paint my nails. :( that’s as bad of an excuse as washing your hair!

i do really like the creativity that this challenge forced out of me though. some of the manicures i did were really great. sometimes i was really sad to have to clean them off after only a few beautiful hours.

i may revisit some of these designs in the future, and i will definitely participate in more challenges, but of the lazier kind. like a design a week or something.



independence day

happy 4th of July! i thought after my 31dc month that i wouldn’t do my nails again for a minute. i was wrong ;) it was too hard to pass up a simple and relative manicure.

colors: revlon snow bunny, essie no more film, and wet n wild red red.

july4ththe stars and stripes with some fireworks. easy and patriotic. a-mur-ica! okay well off to bed now! i work at 7am tomorrow and then have a big day of bbqs and sparkly sky explosions :)