dia de los muertos

my second favorite holiday of the year comes just two days after my first. dia de los muertos is such a rich, spiritual, fun holiday. there’s parties, face painting and booze, but also remembrance, honor and respect.


as if all that weren’t enough, this is also the origin of the sugar skull – one of my favorite things (my house is full of them!). i typically attend the festivities, and usually paint my face. this year my nails are also in the spirit (haha get it – spirit – because of the spirits).


this year i have a skull half mask that i’m probably going to wear to the parade because i have to work and won’t have time to paint my face. :( my friend and her hubby and baby will be going with me though – so i’m excited to see if they paint their faces – especially the little one. he’s just old enough that he might sit still for it.


colors used: spoiled visually slimming, wet n wild french white crème, pop ablaze, spoiled plenty of fish in the sea, spoiled kickin’ the habit, maybelline pink shock, and spoiled distant memory.


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