26gnai - holiday preparations | @bulletnails

26gnai – christmas preparations

this one was easy! the thing i dread most about getting out my christmas decorations are the tangled mess of lights! no matter how careful i am when putting them away, when it comes time to pull them out they’re in one giant knot. i think i have mischievous little elves that come in and tangle them just to test my christmas cheer ;)

26gnai - holiday preparations | @bulletnails

i don’t put up much decorations for christmas so fortunately i don’t get too stressed about de-balling the lights. there’s no tree or anything anymore, i just can’t justify storing a fake tree for 10 months just to have it out for two. but my first year in san francisco was the first year i ever got a real tree. it was beautiful and smelled great and i never wanted to take it down. but then i waited too long and the people who pop around and pick up all the trees from the curb stopped coming around. so i got a friend with a hand saw and we chopped my tree up into little bits that we threw out the window and stuffed into my (and my neighbors’) compost bin. that was a huge ordeal that i haven’t been looking forward to repeating. so this year i have planned to make a christmas tree silhouette out of poster board to put in my window. i’ve done something similar for halloween but thought it’d be cute as a tree with little lights on it. i’m hoping to get it done this weekend! if not it might be too late to bother…

the dots/lights on my nails were made with a dotting tool. then i painted in some quick lines to represent the cord (always in dark green!). i went over some of the dots again then put a dab of glow in the dark polish on each and voilà – christmas light nails. i don’t have any pics of the glow in the dark – i have never figured out the trick to photographing that, plus the dots of light are pretty small so even in real life are hard to see. but i know they glow and thats really all that matters!

colors used: essie cocktails & coconuts, models own luis lemon, models own toxic apple, mentality gumdrop, orly bring me her heart, blackheart green yellow shimmer.

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