ncu - candy cane | @bulletnails

ncu – candy cane

i did not go with my first instinct on this one. the first thing i think of when i hear the words candy cane is the movie joy ride. it’s such a great movie ;) and so freaking creepy! i really wanted to do something with that movie as my manicure today. but anything i could think of was way too complex for me to deal with right now (or ever). my ideas were the two-way radio, a guy missing his jaw, a semi-truck, a cornfield, paul walker and steve zahn’s butts…

but alas, without being able to do it justice, i decided to go with the more obvious interpretation of candy cane.

but to keep it weird – i tried to make it look like a candy cane that had been sucked on for a while. it’s not as clean as i would like, but i still think the concept is fun :) i painted stripes to match a giant 2lb. candy cane i have at home and then brushed and sponged on the base color again over the tips.

colors used: sinful colors bubbly, wet n wild red a good book, blackheart green yellow shimmer.


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