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galaxy all the things!

this past weekend was halloween and dia de los muertos – my two favorite holidays (why are they within 3 days of each other?!) i didn’t really do much for either this year, but i got dressed up :) at work on friday, i wore this super cute tardis dress. i’ve had it for a while but i haven’t worn it yet (the tulle makes me feel like i’m going to prom and the design, while super cute, doesn’t scream everyday wear). to finish the look i galaxied my nails and some $5 goodwill shoes :)

i used the same nail polish to do the shoes that i used for my nails. goodwill is great for stuff like this – i had no idea how the nail polish would react with the material of the shoes and didn’t want to ruin any good shoes. but they turned out so great! i’m going to wear them on the regular now, well as regular as i wear any heels (which is hardly ever).


they’re just so cute! i’m curious how they’ll hold up in the long run. i had no problems wearing them around all day, no chipping or flaking off. hopefully that’s a good sign :)

and then right after halloween was dia de los muertos. i didn’t go out but i did a galaxy sugar skull face paint. i really like it – i couldn’t get the colors to show up as well on my face as they do on my nails (and the shoes) though.

i think the pictures wash the colors out more than in real life, but it’s okay because i had fun doing it. even though i didn’t go out to celebrate i really wanted to feel connected to the holiday and spending some time on artwork was a good way to do it. although, it’s an interesting experience to work on your makeup for 2-3 hours and then hop in the shower and wash it all off.


colors used: wet n wild black créme, mentality gumdrop, kbshimmer hookah-smoking caterpillar, models own aqua violet, salon perfect fired up fuchsia, sinful colors tokyo pearl, wet n wild kaleidoscope, sally hansen glare necessities.


2 thoughts on “galaxy all the things!

    • thanks as always for your nice comments! i unfortunately didn’t get a picture of myself in the dress so if you click on “tardis dress” in the story above it’ll show you a picture from the store’s website :)


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