26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

26gnai – mixed tape mani

today i was feeling the most literal! i couldn’t think of any ideas for this challenge then suddenly it hit me – be weird ;) i had 4 out of 5 of these tapes already sitting on my desk from other projects and i just figured, why not!

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

this is not a lasting mani. i had to press on my nails in between every photo for some of the tapes to even look like they were stuck down. the duck tape in particular wouldn’t stay stuck. which surprised me because it has the stickiest adhesive.

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

the one with the least sticky adhesive, painter’s tape, actually stayed in place the best. huh. the electrical tape stayed fairly well too – i think because it’s so stretchy it can handle the curve of my nails better than the thicker duck tape.

26gnai - mixed tape | @bulletnails

colors used: masking tape, painter’s tape, unicorn duck tape, rainbow glitter washi tape, electrical tape.

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