ncu – hippy / boho

i really like these! i think i would dress in the “boho” style if i ever wore anything besides my trusty jeans-tank-cardigan wardrobe. there’s so much to love about the boho style (as long as you ignore the annoying festival people). there’s a lot of mix and matching, flowers, jewel tones, lace.

so i tried to put all of that on my nails! for all of my nails i used my print-at-home temporary tattoo paper to get the details that my hands could never provide ;) my pinky is lace, and i really wanted it to be white lace, but a printer doesn’t print white so i tried to do a reverse and print the nude color. it’s not quite the right color but still kinda cute. then my ring finger has the ubiquitous gold found in all boho fashion, paired with a mandala (which i am super obsessed with and am considering getting one as a real tattoo somewhere). middle finger is a really pretty pattern that just said boho to me, not sure why. then there are some daisy’s on my pointer and turquoise on my thumb.


there are some great nail tutorials out there (left by kristen @ lacquerstyle) to your nails to look like legit turqouise stones. just by using plastic wrap and a spritzy water marble technique that looks super easy.

i will try that some day, but as i was planning this mani i discovered 1: i don’t have a good turquoise colored polish and 2: i don’t own hairspray. so until later on that one…

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen golden-i.

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