halloween part 4

hocus-pocus-movie-poster-1619i’m back with another halloween manicure (also the theme this week for crumpets 40). this one is based on my favorite halloween movie: hocus pocus. besides being an awesome halloween movie, this was the first movie i ever saw in the theaters without my parents! that was 22 years ago! i kinda don’t even believe that. (imdb won’t let me live in denial thought).

so my manicure is the wonderful sandersen sisters: sarah, winifred and mary as well as their spell book and the full moon / movie cover.

as much as i love this manicure – this is the only picture i have of it. unfortunately when i put the top coat on it completely smeared the paint. i don’t ever do this, but the photo above had to have some extensive photoshopping to save it. luckily most of the streaks were on their faces which were plain anyway and could easily be removed. a lot of it was from their lips – i don’t know if it’s the red i used or what.

imgresalso the words hocus pocus were definitely not on my nails – that’s just a little embellishment i did while editing the photo. i had wanted to write it on but there was no way i could do it small enough. and i’m too picky to not have had it in the correct typeface anyway!

colors used: most were mixtures (ie all their lips used the same base with another mixed in to give similarity but not sameness), essie cocktails & coconuts, sally hansen mellow yellow, essie partners in crime, essie lots of lux, and wet n wild red red.



halloween part 3

tincturescan you tell yet that i love halloween? today’s manicure was inspired by my halloween party bar from last year. i had decorated all the alcohol bottles with fun witchy / spooky / halloween labels. it was so cute! some of the bottles are actually still decorated like this (some partly because i no longer remember what alcohol is in the bottle!). for my mani i found some cute designs on etsy and made some nail stickers using my trusty temporary tattoo paper.


i had to squeeze and squish the designs a lot to fit on my nails. they’re pretty small, but not entirely unreadable. i tried to focus on fitting and centering the the image, then the title and then whatever else fit.

tincturestincturesi started with a coat of spoiled i’m so jaded and added brush strokes of kbshimmer pt. young thing. then a few coats of wet n wild glo’ money, glo’ problems glow in the dark polish. and finally the temp tattoos. my nails look really cool in the dark – but i have not figured out how to capture them on camera! i read a few blogs about photographing glow in the dark manicures, but it just seems like no matter what i do, i just get black or at the most, blurry photos (ie image below).


you can kinda see here that the tattoos do a nice job of blacking out part of the glow so the design is just as cool in the dark as it is in the light (sorry but you might have to use your imagination!!).

i like these. the tattoo paper is aways nice to be able to do complex designs in a small space and not to have to spend an inordinate amount of time. if i were to do these again the only thing i would do different would be to use a more parchment-y color scheme than the green and silver.



halloween part 2

so i’ve moved on from my rant about women’s halloween costumes. i’m not over it, i’m just over thinking about it. i found my costume for this year and it’s really fun. i found a super cool demon mask online and have based my costume around that. i was just researching colored contacts – i would love to do the black out ones. two problems arose: 1: price. the regular black out lenses are $28 and the ones that black out the entire eye are $256!!!!! dang. they’re so cool though. problem 2: i already wear contacts. i had a pair in my cart before i realized that i couldn’t even were them! unless i wore glasses. i don’t think a demon with glasses is a very scary thought ;)

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halloween part 1

halloween is my favorite holiday. when i was little my mom always made my sister and my costumes. there were some good ones in there. there were some that went all the way through my nieces and if my mom has her way will probably go to my grand-niece too! our costumes were always so cute and wholesome. i’ve been raggedy anne, a clown. one year i was catwoman. that one was awesome – i had really long press on nails / claws and i was all in black with a mask. nevermind that the all black outfit was probably a sweatsuit and the stitching on it was done in fabric marker. i felt awesome.

now as an adult i try to continue in the tradition of hand-made costumes. both for nostalgia (and my wallet)’s sake as well as the fact that all (most) of the pre-packaged costumes for ladies are disgusting. examples: sexy nurse, sexy dorothy, sexy toto (okay i don’t know if that’s a real thing but scooby doo is), sexy pig, sexy shark attack victimsexy squirrel, and sexy pizza rat.

anyway, there will be more halloween posts so i’ll continue my rants later on – let’s get to the nails!


for my first halloween manicure of the season i decided to try one of the new techniques i learned during the year. sugar spun nails are fun and quirky and fairly easy. this manicure in my head was a little different than it turned out on my nails. i was hoping to get the strings thicker to look more like gauze wrapping but i got a lot of really thin strings. i still think it turned out okay – i just ended up going over my nails more times to make up for it.

mummiescolors used: spoiled visually slimming, wet n wild french white crème, revlon matte top coat, pop ablaze, and wet n wild glo’ money, glo’ problems.

the problem with thick sugar spun polish is that it takes for-eh-ver to dry. and you end up with the photo below…


i had to repaint these two nails because when i hopped in the shower a few hours after doing my mummies the paint just smeared all over. heading for bed and working in the morning, i didn’t have much choice other than to clean off the polish and just do two accent nails (but only on one hand!).


40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Geeks

sheldonweek three of the crumpets 40 is geeks. there was a lot i could do for this one. but my favorite geek is sheldon cooper. he’s so weird and annoying but lovable and fun.

so my geek nails are dedicated to sheldon. bazinga! colors used: opi opi red and sally hansen mellow yellow.

40gnai - geeks

i think it turned out really cute – i’ve had it on for a few days and have gotten some really nice feedback. i like that the ‘bazinga’ nail is natural because i think it makes the graphic stand out – i just don’t like how stained my ring finger is on my right hand. luckily it’s just at the tip – almost all grown out!

i also really love this red – i’ve worn it before (the bottles almost gone) but it just looks really nice in this manicure. it may have to do with the fact that i’m tan right now – so the color goes with my skin tone better. but it just looks so glossy and sexy! i guess geeks and sexy aren’t mutually exclusive right?!

40gnai - geeks


fall leaves

i live in california. there are no seasons here. trees, flowers, grass, all grow all year long. so i decided the only way i was going to see the changing leaves was to put them on my fingers!

falli was originally going to paint on the veins of the leaves but i decided to try imprinting them instead. i’m sure there’s some technical term for it but i don’t know what it is…

fallanyway i started out with a makeup sponge and put dabs of autumnal colors on it, then transferred to my nails. i tried to mix it up as i was applying to my nails so that the pattern on each would be slightly different and you’d see more of some colors pop out.

fallas you can see in the pic on the left, when i put on the top coat it really filled in the grooves that i had dug into the polish and makes the leaves a lot more subtle. i think in most of these pictures i like the before top coat versions better because it’s more dramatic. but in real life i like that my nails are a little smoother.


colors used: opi bogotá blackberry, homemade brown, mentality taffy, heaven power up green, and wet n wild sunny side up.


40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

I’m starting a new nail challenge with the group from crumpets nail tarts. it’s a very interesting way to form the challenge – each week there is a prompt, but some people are doing odd weeks (themes) and some are doing even (colors+style). i went with the odd weeks (because i’m slightly odd and) because i thought the themes would give me the most inspiration.

40gnai - hobbiesso week one is hobbies. this sounds depressing but i couldn’t think of any hobbies i have. besides painting my nails (obvs). i do do stuff. it just all seems to be computer based and that didn’t give me much inspiration. i tried to think of what else i do for fun. well, i drink. so there you have it – a beer inspired manicure ;)

colors used: sally hansen wedding glitters and sinful colors snow me white.