40gnai - nude & color + half & half | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – nude & color + 1/2 & 1/2

these two prompts seemed made for each other! the first part is “nude plus color” and the second part is “half & half.” so i did nude on half and (all the) color on the other half :)

40gnai - nude & color + half & half | @bulletnails

40gnai - nude & color + half & half | @bulletnailsthis was a fun mani – i was inspired by this beautiful design by didoline and knew this was going to be my half & half. i didn’t live up to the comparison, but for having done this freehand (versus stamping) i think i did a pretty good job!

as you can see above, i started by drawing a squiggly line on my silicone mat (it’s pink and is normally fine but made the colors on this one seem off) and then placed random swatches of lots of different colors underneath. this was my half color. after letting it dry and peeling it up (besides wanting to wear it) i cut it up into nail sized pieces and stuck them to my nails.

40gnai - nude & color + half & half | @bulletnails

my only regret is not being able to use more of the colored part! (if you notice as i worked my way down my hand the colored part started to take over more and more of my nail – i just couldn’t help myself!)

40gnai - nude & color + half & half | @bulletnails

i ended up putting a matte top coat on because i thought it pronounced the “nude” part of my nail better – with the shiny it looked a little uneven. it did mute the colors a little bit. if i had more time (read: energy) i might have gone over the colorful part again with a glossy topcoat. but i don’t have more time. or energy.

colors used: models own luis lemon, salon perfect fired up fuchsia, essie sunday funday, torrid purple irridecent, sinful colors love nails, heaven power up green, blackheart beauty  green yellow shimmer.

40gnai - nude & color | @bulletnails

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