40gnai - animal | @bulletnails

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – animal

animal is a hard prompt – the first things that pop into my mind are the myriad of “animal print” manicures that i’ve seen. they’re fairly simple, which is why they’ve been done so many times. but they’ve also been done so many times!

40gnai - animal | @bulletnails

so i tried to think of something unusual. when i had this prompt during my 31-day challenge i modeled my nails after a green rose chafer beetle. that was fun and different. and i wanted to be fun and different again.

40gnai - animal | @bulletnails

then it hit me – use your spirit animal! which is a unicorn. they bleed glitter and fart rainbows. and impale their enemies with a giant sparkly shaft on their faces. what more could anyone ask for?

i started with a shimmery white basecoat and topped it off with iridescent flakies. my accent nail is a beautiful sparkly unicorn braid.

i’m a little sad about the pictures – it was tough getting a shot of these nails. the sparkles and flakies on the white base almost always showed up as solid white. :( and it’s been cloudy since i painted them so can’t try any sunshine photography…

40gnai - animal | @bulletnails

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, sinful colors social ladder, sally hansen pearly whites, models own luis lemon, models own toxic apple, models own beach hut, salon perfect fired up fuchsia, models own pukka purple, spoiled plenty of fish in the sea, and torrid purple iridescent.

click below to view the mani zoo :)

40gnai - animal | @bulletnails

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