subtle stripes

did stripes again. i was a little scared after last time but liked the look so much that i figured i’d give it another go. this turned out well – my only problem is that i’m kinda color blind and can’t see the difference in the colors of the stripes. it did make a really nice texture though!


where there’s smoke

another new technique. saw this smoke manicure the other day and loved the way it looked. mine didn’t turn out quite as i’d hoped – the original used pure acetone to disperse the paint on top. i, for some reason, still have yet to invest in acetone. this manicure does not work as well with nail polish remover.where there's smoke

this was supposed to be a quick mani – two coats and some blobs of acetone and you’re done. but with the polish remover this took me probably two hours. ugh. well now i know.


neon marble

more watermarbling. this is one of my favorite looks but one that i’ve had the hardest time nailing down (haha puns!). i can’t decide if it’s the polishes that i use or if it’s user error or what.neon marblei did really like my thumb nail. but that was about it. i can’t seem to get the patterns that everyone else does. it might also be because i usually try to dip at least two fingers at a time – i hate wasting polish!


fancy stripes

i love this manicure! i love the pink. i love the gold. and i love the super contrasty stripes. yay!


unfortunately i smudged the stripes on my right hand. wah wah. but i took some time and touched it up by hand. it ended up not being too noticeable. then this happened:stripes

i am (not literally) crying right now! my top coat completely ruined the stripes. i’ve never had this happen before. i threw out that topcoat straight away. there was no time to fix it. so i took off the stripey nail on both hands and painted it pink. nobody but me and my camera saw this pretty mani in person. (╯︵╰,)