simply bright

i needed a good simple manicure for my trip to hawaii tomorrow!!! i’m so excited and want to make sure my nails will look great the whole time. but i’m definitely not bringing nail polish on my trip. so i needed something that would look great to start with but that would wear well and not be über noticeable if it chips.

colors used: pop ablaze, wet n wild fergalicious and wet n wild kaleidoscope.


summery shades

i’m going to hawaii so soon!!! i bought this fun bright orange to get in the summer mood :) this weeks crumpets nail tarts prompt was hot pink – so i figured why not combine them.

summery shadesthis was nice and simple for the most part with a little hand drawn lightning bolt accent nail. i used pop ablaze and spoiled plastic flamingo.

summery shadessummery shades

you’ll notice on my left hand my polish is crinkly – i used a gel top coat and didn’t wait for the color to cure beforehand. it’s funny how it does that. shrink up underneath…
click below to view more hot pink (and/or tribal manis)


yellow glitter chevrons

no challenge prompt today. i decided the other day that i really wanted to paint my nails yellow and grey. it’s just such a good color combination! one is so neutral while the other is so bright and vibrant.

yellow chevrons

i also knew i didn’t just want plain colors. my original thought was to do chevrons in matte and gloss so it would be really subtle. i love that look but as i started cutting the chevrons out of painters tape (with pinking shears) i realized that i didn’t want to cut out enough for all my nails!

yellow chevronsit’s amazing how a little laziness can dictate the entirety of something! so instead i did pretty glitter chevrons on my accent nail and left the rest matte grey. i really like matte nails – i think i need to get a better matte topcoat though. these are pretty but i would call them satin. for the glitter i used a sponge to apply so i would get better coverage. and boy did i! i love the macro shot of these. the glitter is so dense. yaaasss!

colors used: sally hansen gunmetal, sally hansen mellow yellow, pop gold glitz, and revlon matte top coat.


tie dye nails

tie dyeso i finally got accepted to the crumpet’s nail tarts group on facebook :) yay! this means that hopefully i’ll have some fun inspiration. this week’s challenge was “tie dye” and “fugly” – you can choose to do one, both, or combine the two. i’m definitely only doing tie dye for this one. which is a great one for me to start with because i haven’t done it before. i was going to do a monochrome tie dye but being about 3 blocks away from haight ashbury, my inner hippie wouldn’t let me skip any colors ;) that’s fine – i’m sorta known for wearing all the colors in my day-to-day life, so why should my nails be any different.

tie dye

i did try to do a little more than just a traditional tie dye though. because, well, everyone has done that. so i have my accent nails as full dye and did french tip tie dye (tongue twister!) for the rest.

tie dyei really like the way it turned out :)

colors used for tie dye: wet n wild red a good book, nyx girls forever, sinful colors yellow (not labeled), heaven power up green, sinful colors love nails, essie garden variety, sally hansen posh plum. base colors: sinful colors snow me white and essie cocktails & coconuts.

okay, now that you’ve looked at mine – go look at these other great tie dye / fugly manicures!!