40gnai - neon | @bulletnails

RuPolished + 40GNAI – Neon

40gnai - neon | @bulletnails

this was a fun overlap in challenges this week. rupaul’s drag race was a highlight episode but my weekend was taken over by rupaul’s drag con! it was a crazy few days. but in honor of that and inspired by this week’s neon challenge for crumpet’s nails tarts, i went with a neon rainbow gradient.

40gnai - neon | @bulletnails

i love gradients because you can get so many colors but actually only use a few. this mani is done with only four polishes! colors used: models own pink punch, models own luis lemon, sinful colors love nails, torrid purple irridecent.

40gnai - neon | @bulletnailsi started out with just the gradient and it was really pretty and vibrant, but i figured if i was going to a convention geared towards drag queens i was going to need more than that!! so i added some glitter and felt pretty fabulous ;)

40gnai - neon | @bulletnailsone problem i always seem to have is when i’m sponging on the color, my sponges tend to fall apart. that’s what all the dark spot are on my nails here. i think it has to do with how much i use the sponge… i use a new sponge for each new mani but i will paint on the colors and then do all 5 nails. then paint the color and do the other 5. and repeat as many times as needed to get to the opacity i want. i think sometimes the sponge gets to dry / sticky after nail 3 or 4 and parts of it come off.

40gnai - neon | @bulletnailsbut i like that technique better than re-applying polish to the sponge after each nail. it goes on thicker but i don’t think blends as nicely and seems more wasteful. i guess there’s gonna be drawbacks either way. and i really like how these turned out so i’m just going to keep doing what i’m doing!

take a look at the other neon manis:

40gnai - neon | @bulletnails


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