tie dye nails

tie dyeso i finally got accepted to the crumpet’s nail tarts group on facebook :) yay! this means that hopefully i’ll have some fun inspiration. this week’s challenge was “tie dye” and “fugly” – you can choose to do one, both, or combine the two. i’m definitely only doing tie dye for this one. which is a great one for me to start with because i haven’t done it before. i was going to do a monochrome tie dye but being about 3 blocks away from haight ashbury, my inner hippie wouldn’t let me skip any colors ;) that’s fine – i’m sorta known for wearing all the colors in my day-to-day life, so why should my nails be any different.

tie dye

i did try to do a little more than just a traditional tie dye though. because, well, everyone has done that. so i have my accent nails as full dye and did french tip tie dye (tongue twister!) for the rest.

tie dyei really like the way it turned out :)

colors used for tie dye: wet n wild red a good book, nyx girls forever, sinful colors yellow (not labeled), heaven power up green, sinful colors love nails, essie garden variety, sally hansen posh plum. base colors: sinful colors snow me white and essie cocktails & coconuts.

okay, now that you’ve looked at mine – go look at these other great tie dye / fugly manicures!!

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