christmas lights

this was another inspired manicure. this one came from copy cat claws. she definitely found better “lights” than i did – mine sort of took over my entire finger after only a few were attached. they also feel really weird. i haven’t really done anything more than polish before so the fact that they stick out and are bumpy is strange to get used to. i superglued the colored stones down and then gel top-coated my nails a few times to make sure they will stick. we’ll see how well they hold up.

lights2  lights4  lights3  lights



merry christmas. i’m really into the holiday designs right now! there are so many i want to try out, but i don’t have much time to paint them. so my secret trick (shh don’t tell anyone) is that i’m painting both hands different designs! genius. this way i get to admire my handiwork for at least a few days and i can try out all the fun looks that i want.