31dc: day twenty nine: inspired by (the) supernatural

supernatural is one of my favorite tv shows. it has perhaps jumped the shark but i still won’t miss an episode. with 218 episodes and counting, there’s no way i could hear the word supernatural and not think of this great show.

31dc supernaturalif you don’t watch the show all of these nails will be the most random things for you. but if you do watch – hopefully i’ve done all of these things justice! on my right hand i’ve got the mark of cain, PIE!, fire and rock salt, the license plate from the impala, and the angel banishing sigil (does this have a name?). my left hand is the anti-possession tattoo, cas (and his super awesome angel wings), and dean’s amulet.

31dc supernaturalthe rock salt is actually table salt – this came off almost immediately after taking the picture. but that’s okay – i didn’t really intend it to stay. i think my favorite of this manicure is cas and his angel wings. when planning out this design, this was the only thing i knew for sure i was going to do. i used the sugar spun trick that i did for yesterday’s “inspired by a tutorial” for his wings and i think it adds a really nice texture to our favorite lost angel… assbutt.

31dc supernatural

anyway – last day of 31dc!! yay i made it :)


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