twe2my good friend owns a tea shop. it’s the cutest thing to ever exist. the galleria that he’s located in asked him to move into a bigger shop (because he’s doing so well and they wanted him to be more prominent – yay!) and yesterday was their grand (re)opening. i’ve been over there helping them paint and move stuff (and mostly just chatting) so i knew the color scheme and decided to match my nails to their new shop for last nights party.┬áthe main picture is of my nails in the tea shop. you can see where i got the inspiration! what you can’t see in the pic is they have large black columns that bookend either side of this display (hence the black accent nail).


tequila sunset

another pretty gradient. again, i wanted to try a new color – orange! i dubbed this color combo tequila sunset because it’s purple instead of red. man, sometimes i amuse myself more than is normal ;) anyway, again i used my cute blue and silver sparkles on top and my new fave gel topcoat. i didn’t do as thick of a gel coat on this one and so it doesn’t look quite as liquidy as the pink and purple one, but i’m still counting on it to hold up to all the roughness i put my nails through!