swirly stickers

this is my new favorite polish. it’s such a pretty pink / orange. and funny enough it’s fergie brand from wet ‘n wild. i dislike fergie – but i admit she makes a good nail polish! i’m going on a cruise with my family in like, a minute and really wanted my nails to look cute and summery. this color is amazing, and my accent nails are kiss brand nail stickers from walgreens. i bought these a while ago and keep forgetting about them. they worked pretty well. it was a little difficult not to get bubbles – i had to press and hold for long periods of time while the polish dried. but i think they’re really cute and would definitely use them again.



i saw a great post from laurag_143 about using scotch tape and pinking shears to make diy chevron sticky cutouts. i immediately went to find my pinking shears. it’s an experiment – but i keep trying to do colors outside of my usual. i never like them as much, but maybe i just haven’t found the right combos.