champagne2happy almost new years! this is my going-out polish. i have a few parties in the next few days and i’m really excited forĀ 2014 :) to celebrate all the champagne that i plan on drinking i painted my nails to look like little bubbly drinks. i had to hunt around a bit to find a good champagne colored polish – all the ones that i own and found in stores were too gold. i think this ended up being a good color for it. i used two different glitters to make the bubbles, a small one for the bubbles up the center and a larger one just at the tip.

champagne glass midi ring

haha and here’s a little ring that i made for the occasion. (this is cute but the worst ring idea ever. it kept getting caught on everything!)


candy canes

i tried to do something christmasy without being super obvious. but i wish i had been more literal with this one. i wanted it to look like the candy cane stripes were continuing from finger to finger but they’re just too big. i probably needed 3 stripes per finger for it to easily read as candy canes. oh well, there’s always next year.