26gnai - spring animals | @bulletnails

26gnai – spring animals

this week’s theme is spring animals. at a loss for something to paint i googled it. and ohmygoodness i died looking at all the super cute baby animals that popped up on my screen!!

unfortunately i knew i would never be able to do justice hand painting these cute little furry friends, and i’m assuming there will be a lot of stamping going on this week, but i neither have stamps that apply nor the skills to make it happen.

so i stuck with what i’m comfortable with – simplifying! each nail is a different baby animal. can you tell what they are?

thumb: raccoon, index: deer, middle: chick, ring: lamb, pinky: bunny. did you figure them all out?

colors used: wet n wild french white crème, models own everyday grey, sally hansen mellow yellowfuschia power, kiss spa12 blackspa02 white, homemade brown frankenpolish, color technik gel pens.

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