ncu - rainbow watermarble | @bulletnails

rainbow water marble

this is not a rainbow water marble. i’m not amazing at them and didn’t have enough time to deal with one right now, so i thought i would see if i could do it without water. or nail polish for that matter…

i have had some really good luck using gel pens and i wondered if i could do a fake watermarble with them. (nope – but it’s still pretty)

ncu - rainbow watermarble | @bulletnails

i started with a white base coat and glossy topcoat. then i just started doing concentric flower / shamrock / watermarble-ish shapes. and it was SO ugly. i don’t have a picture of that, because it was so bad i expected to go wash it off right away. but when i was done and had spent so much time on it i decided to try one more thing. i used a silicone nail brush to blend / scrape the paint around. and this is what happened.

ncu - rainbow watermarble | @bulletnails

i like it. i think the pens didn’t dry because of the glossy topcoat so i had a lot of time to work with them. i did put a topcoat over the pens too, but it did smear it a bit. i think the key there is to just put it on really thick, so the brush never gets too close to the nail (and wet ink on top of it).

ncu - rainbow watermarble | @bulletnails

colors used: sinful colors snow me white, color technik glitter gel pens.


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