40 Great Nail Art Ideas – cartoons / comics

i just had a conversation with my mom about how few female superheroes there are. and how secondary they are. and that they’re just sex symbols. so much skin, so many mini skirts, so many high heeled thigh high boots. does that really seem like something you would put on to go fight crime? no. okay, rant over. probably.

anyway i thought it was great inspiration for this week’s crumpets nail challenge. so my theme is female superheroes. i started out by narrowing it down to a few bad ass ladies, then drew out their colors in adobe illustrator. the gif below shows you the hero with the color scheme i worked out for each.comics2from there i decided which ones i liked the best – both their color combinations and their recognisability (i’m pretty sure that’s a word!). i wanted to do a combo of both baddies and heroes.


this was a really fun project. it’s cool seeing the themes and colors and stuff that a lot of them have in common. but like my rant said earlier – these ladies are too sexualized! it was hard even finding the pictures i did for this post (especially bomb queen – i did not know what i was getting in to when i listed her!).IMG_9171

colors used: lots… most frequent: spoiled visually slimming, wet n wild red red, essie cocktails & coconuts and wet n wild french white cremè.comic_nails

check out the link below to see more awesome comic/cartoon nail art!



2 thoughts on “40 Great Nail Art Ideas – cartoons / comics

  1. Love these!! And I completely agree, too few female heroes and too sexualized. It’s such a shame – who says a heroine can’t be sexy and classy and a badass all rolled into one?!? :-)


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