new iphones

today was the release of the iphone 6s and 6s plus. i had a lovely 10 hour shift but somehow still managed not to sell a single iphone. last year my record was about three months. we’ll see what this year brings.

6sbesides all the actual work stuff, i painted my nails to match the new colors of the phones. my “rose gold” isn’t quite right but i think it’s okay for never having seen the color in person before!


i tried doing the waterfall technique. i’m not a huge fan of how it turned out, but after doing it once i feel like the next time i have some ideas of how to improve it. colors used: mentality marmalade, sally hansen wedding glitters, sally hansen celeb city, spoiled black mamba.



i’m so tan! it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people – it’s summer, everyone’s tan. except i live in san francisco. nobody is tan here! we only get to see the sun as a blurry bright spot in the fog.

IMG_8374anyway i got back from my amazing trip to hawaii and found out that i have 5 days off in a row over labor day weekend (especially amazing because i work in retail!). i had originally though of going back to hawaii because, why not. and as tempting as that was (and still is), i’ve decided to go to dallas instead. the flights are about the same price and about the same time commitment and if those were the only factors i would be on my way back over the ocean. but alas, dallas has something hawaii doesn’t. three things actually: a house that i can stay in free of charge, a car (my mini!) and my sister. so off to dallas i will be going for a vacation from these arduous last 6 days of working ;)

my nails had indeed chipped while i was in hawaii so i did another cute bright manicure for my trip to texas. i just can’t stop staring at it – it looks so awesome and vibrant against my tan! haha – it’s weird what you miss once you get a taste of it again! colors used: pop ablaze (my new fave color!), essie sunday funday, maybeline pink shock, and for the chevrons the always beautiful kbshhimmer in pt young thing.