can someone do something to standardize nail polish bottles? this is mnicole by opiy nail polish drawer. don’t the first two rows look great. essie bottle fit so nicely next to each other. then i have some sally hansen extreme wear bottles. tall. skinny. circular. fine. after that it kinda just descends into chaos. the worst offender is nicole by opi. there is so much wasted space because of these bottles. if i had more time (and money) i had actually thought about buying empty polish bottles on the internet and switching all of my polishes over to uniform bottles. and while i don’t have the largest collection of polish, that is just hugely daunting task. so for now they remain in their weird sized homes. but as you see, i will soon need to figure something else out by way of polish containment… does anyone have any good tips about storing their polish?


hawaii, here i come!

i’m soooooooo excited! me and a friend just purchased tickets to hawaii for august. when i’m excited about something i need to do something creative to get these emotions out in the open. lucky for me it turned into a cute beachy sunset. man, i just wanna lay in that hammock all day!


here’s how this started out. messy! typically i use elmer’s glue around my nail which just peels off with the excess polish. well i got a little ahead of myself and just went straight for it this time. cleanup took a long time…

nail polishes used for sunset gradient

these are the colors i used for the gradient (spoiled did i dye it too blonde, nyc 237 (is that the name? i couldn’t find any other for it), spoiled: plenty of fish in the sea, kbshimmer shade shifter and spoiled visually slimming). the black really only showed up on the thumb. i was trying to make it look like the sun was in the middle of the manicure and was getting darker off to the sides. i think it worked out alright :)


avengers unite!

oh man – this was such a fun manicure. i love comic book movies! i also love how much attention these got over the past few days. working in retail a lot of people see my hands and i got a lot of compliments and questions. one of my favorite things is when someone asks where i got my nails done and then the shock on their face when i tell them i did them myself.

avengers avengers

this is how each hand started. i had it planned out which avenger was going on which finger and painted a color that was representative of them.

avengers avengers

the logos were originally going to be done by hand. some of them would have been easy. but there are a few that were just never going to look good. so i went to my trusty temporary tattoo paper and printed them out. i sorta felt like it was cheating but i don’t even care because they turned out so well! not to brag, but my nails turned out just as awesome as the movie!