pink stripes

i just ordered a nail stamping kit! i’m so excited. but in the meantime my nails are chipped like nobody’s business. so i decided to do an inbetween. at first i just had it pink with glitter at the bottom. but the glitter barely shows up in real life so it was too boring. yesterday i added the stripes just to give it more fun. i’ve gotten so many compliments on this! it’s so funny how some of the harder, more time consuming designs nobody notices. then i slap some polish on (this probably took me 10 minutes) and everyone loves it. i mean, it is cute.


(guardians of the) galaxy nails

i’m so excited for the guardians of the galaxy movie. i still haven’t seen it and i’m practically bursting at the seams! in honor of that movie i decided to try my hand at galaxy nails. i’ll admit – this one looks complicated and i’ve been avoiding it. once i actually got down to it, it was one of the easier ones i’ve done. you can be messy and it won’t matter. brilliant.