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ncu – sweets

so i gave up “sweets” for the month of february. just to see if i had the willpower to do so, to see if after not eating them if i would still crave them, and hopefully to loose some weight. well i did, i still do (but not as much) and i did. so success. a month later and it’s easier to not have sweets very often. i have been able to choose healthier snacks (apples are my current favorite) and hopefully i will be able to keep up with this.

during this no-sweets-february – chocolate was the hardest thing to live without. so i am paying homage to all the chocolate that i did not eat in february, and hopefully nails-that-look-like-chocolate will be enough to not eat it too much now either ;)

i used three different colors on top, i was thinking white chocolate caramel and dark chocolate. and the base would be milk chocolate.

okay, i’ve got to stop writing about this before i talk myself into finding a candybar…

colors used: homemade brown frankenpolish, essie partners in crime, mentality marmalade, sinful colors social ladder.


4 thoughts on “ncu – sweets

  1. Awesome sugar-spin!! I almost tried to attempt on for this…so glad you did. It looks so real!!

    Oh, and BTW — You have terrific will power to resist chocolate!! I’m quite impressed. I’m down to only 2 occasional things with sugar: ketchup and dark chocolate with as little as I can find. ;)

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