rupaul's drag race S09E0a | Farrah Moan (un)inspired mani

RuPolished – Oh My Gaga

i finally just saw episode one of rupaul’s drag race season 9! honestly this whole thing has been a let down. it starts out with the show now being on vh1 and the fact that it pretty much does not exist online ANYWHERE!! tv networks need to realize that many people are moving away from cable, and if they want our business then they’re going to have to make show available to us (i pay for 3 different tv services and am willing to sit through commercials for the many networks that provide their content for free).

anyway – i finally found a friend with cable and it seems i will be bugging him every week to get my fix.

the other big disappointment was the show itself. i know it’s early, but i didn’t really like any of the workroom or runway outfits (btw – that new runway is awful! where are they going to lip-synch for their lives?!) and i didn’t really like any of the girls.

i’m going to keep watching and hopefully it’ll get better, but i’m worried – i watched america’s next top model for 22 seasons and when (for the 23rd) it moved to vh1, the set-up, judges and contestents were so… blah… that i didn’t even finish the season. i hope and pray that this same fate won’t befall drag race.

anyway, rant over. kind of. the design i did on my nails was farrah moan’s workroom entry outfit. i chose this one because (besides being easy to paint) i both liked and disliked it. i liked it because it’s just a chain and panties (i liked the potential here). but i disliked it because it could have been so much more. and why on earth did you wear tighty whities?!?! it either needed to be nude panties so it looked like she was completely nekked or a fun color or lace or something to be sexy. this just looked like she stole some little boys underwear from the laundromat on her way in…

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