ncu - anti-valentine | @bulletnails

ncu – anti-valentine

he loves me… he loves me not…

that’s the theme of my “anti-valentine’s” prompt today. i don’t love valentine’s day, but i also don’t hate it. like most other holidays in my life i’m indifferent to it (holidays really only get my approval if i get the day off of work and/or get to dress up!). so when thinking of what to paint i did some google searching. there’s a lot of valentine’s day hate out there! dang. a lot of it is broken hearts and taking-back-the-day-from-corporate-greed-mongers-who-are-guilting-people-into-sales-based-on-chocolatey-professions-of-love-all-while-alienating-single-people.

valentine’s day is doing the most!

so i thought of something that is still cute but could potentially be anti: the hope of true love through divine intervention and plucking of flower petals. so each of my fingers is less one flower petal. and just like when doing this in real life the outcome is based on where you start and where you end. is first plucked petal a “he loves me” or a “he loves me not”? so this could either be a manicure in favor of valentines day or against. ;)

ncu - anti-valentine | @bulletnails

for the mani itself i started with one of my favorite sparkly holo’s as a base coat and on my silcone mat did a gradient from yellow to orange. when that dried i cut it up (above pic) and glued them on to my nails. i should have tried to alternate the colors more, but i thought the layering would make each petal stand out more than it did.

colors used: kbshimmer pt. young thing, wet n wild french white crème, sally hansen mellow yellow, pop ablaze.

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