26gnai - black & white | @bulletnails

26gnai – black and white valentines

there have been so many just color prompts lately that i misread this as one of those. so this mani has nothing to do with valentines. just the black and white part.

i’ve seen a lot of drip mani’s lately and it looks SO easy and SO pretty that i couldn’t resist. i debated doing this for the red and pink prompt (as you can see in the photo below), but i decided i liked the contrast in the black and white more (and it looks more like geodes – which is cool!).

26gnai - black & white | @bulletnails

you can see that i used a bunch of cut up plastic lids (from panera broccoli cheddar soup -my fave!!) as my art palettes. i tried doing this initially on some plastic plates, but i quickly realized that a) you can’t do more designs until the first one is dry and b) that for some reason the polish did not want to come off of these plates. so i dug through my recycling and found two lids that cut up into nice sizes.

26gnai - black & white | @bulletnails

i only made eight of these but a few were large enough to cut up and use for multiple smaller nails. a few i flipped over and used the underside to break up the patterns too.

i really love how these turned out! it was fun experimenting with this – the order that i dropped the colors on the palette, the amount i used of each, how much i tilted and rotated the whole thing. some that i wasn’t too excited for on the palette are some of my favorites once i put them on my nails.

26gnai - black & white | @bulletnails

colors used: wet n wild black crème, spoiled black mamba, sally hansen celeb city, sinful colors snow me white.


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