26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

26gnai – pastel christmas

i think today is proof that i should give up on stamping. i just can’t seem to figure out the technique! i want to be able to do it so bad, but i never seem to have any success. plus this happened:

stamper woes @bulletnails

i don’t even know how! it happened before i even started stamping – so i can’t blame my she-hulk super strength on anger and frustration! this is also the first time i even used my cute clear stamper. womp womp.

anyway, i had the thought of doing christmas presents for my pastel theme. i wanted something matchey yet knew i was going to do skittles so nothing too complicated. i used one pastel color per nail. then did a silver stamp print to represent different wrapping papers. then added a matching neon color on top as ribbon.

26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

i like how they look. the only thing i would change if i could is my stamping skills ;) and to have mixed the yellow with white to make it more pastel. once i put the neon yellow on top as ribbon, it didn’t even show up so i had to paint over it with white :)

colors used: sally hansen mint sorbetmellow yellowbubblegum pinklacey lilacbabe blueceleb cityposh plum, salon perfect loopy limefired up fuschiabermuda baby, and sinful colors snow me white.

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