26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

26gnai – pastel christmas

i think today is proof that i should give up on stamping. i just can’t seem to figure out the technique! i want to be able to do it so bad, but i never seem to have any success. plus this happened:

stamper woes @bulletnails

i don’t even know how! it happened before i even started stamping – so i can’t blame my she-hulk super strength on anger and frustration! this is also the first time i even used my cute clear stamper. womp womp.

anyway, i had the thought of doing christmas presents for my pastel theme. i wanted something matchey yet knew i was going to do skittles so nothing too complicated. i used one pastel color per nail. then did a silver stamp print to represent different wrapping papers. then added a matching neon color on top as ribbon.

26gnai - pastel christmas | @bulletnails

i like how they look. the only thing i would change if i could is my stamping skills ;) and to have mixed the yellow with white to make it more pastel. once i put the neon yellow on top as ribbon, it didn’t even show up so i had to paint over it with white :)

colors used: sally hansen mint sorbetmellow yellowbubblegum pinklacey lilacbabe blueceleb cityposh plum, salon perfect loopy limefired up fuschiabermuda baby, and sinful colors snow me white.


textured stamping

i went bowling the other day. bowling is really bad for my nails. i broke both thumb- and index nails. i also ruined my gradient manicure in the process. so it didn’t last very long :(

texture stampthis was my quick redo. i really like the base coat (essie lots of lux), it has a nice texture and is a wonderful dark / royal blue. the stamping was, once texture stampagain, a bit of an experiment. i used claire’s liquid metal in dime a dozen for the stamp. it has really nice coverage – the pattern shows up really nicely. but i think it’s too liquidy for stamping. i had a lot of polish left on the plate after scraping, which left little shadows around the pattern (notice the pinky nail on the main photo). fortunately you don’t notice the bad stamping job too much in everyday life.


31dc: day fifteen: delicate(s)

today’s prompt is delicate print. i decided to do a bustier and some back seam tights. haha get it – because they’re delicates. it’s probably a good thing i think i’m funny – someone’s got to!

31dc delicate

i’m still struggling a bit with stamping. i want it to work so badly but it just doesn’t like me. this corset gave me some trouble – i stamped onto a silicon baking sheet to make a decal that i could transfer. this seems to make more sense right now as i’m trying to perfect my technique because if the stamp doesn’t copy completely or it’s messy or whatever, i don’t have to redo my 31dc delicatepolish i just restamp. which is good, because i had to stamp this one four times before i got one that was filled in and had the details too. the decal method also means that i can get the stamp on pretty straight each time (another thing i struggle with).

overall, i’m happy with this one – simple and clean and a little racy ;)

colors used: orly iron butterfly, essie cocktails & coconuts, opi opi red.





this was a fun experiment. in the stamping kit that i got a while ago there was a great print that looks like butterfly wings. my original thought was to go for the obvious and do a yellow and orange monarch look but i just got this great silver holographic polish in the mail and really wanted to use it. overall i think the colors are great but i am still struggling with stamping! all these tutorials i watch everyone seems so proficient. maybe i’m trying to hard, or using the wrong polish or expecting too much. butterfly2

the stamp on these nails looks clean and a rich dark black but don’t be fooled – it’s sharpied! the stamp was originally so translucent and in some places almost non-existent that i would have either had to take all the polish off and do it again, or (as i decided to do) just trace over all the stamp with a fine tip sharpie. it was a lot more work than i planned on for this manicure but the result is good and i guess any practice with stamping can only make me better. butterfly3

the process for this manicure started out with a really unique polish that i got from claire’s/the icing. its called liquid metal and it’s very solid and shiny – i thought it would make a good base coat. the thing that’s unusual with this polish is that it dries almost immediately and is more like a paint pen than nail polish. i still haven’t decided if i like it or not, but a good buy nonetheless. next was my pretty new “pt young thing” holographic polish from kbshimmer on etsy. so pretty! lastly came the stamp in black with a whole bunch of colors sponged on top.