40gnai - mint green + leopard | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – mint green + leopard

i like doing this second set half of the crumpet’s nail tarts challenge. one big reason it because it’s making me do designs i wouldn’t normally do. for instance i never imagined i would to a leopard mani. it’s just not me. i’ve watched the tutorials and always thought it wouldn’t be hard to do. but i just never really wanted it on my fingers.

40gnai - mint green + leopard | @bulletnails

leopardand yet here it is. it’s not bad. cute even. but not something i felt very comfortable in. maybe if it had been more lisa frank (neon rainbow and glitter) i have been more comfortable with it. another bonus of this part of the challenge is that i am forced to use certain colors. this time was “mint green” i originally didn’t think i even owned a mint green but then found this little beauty waaaay in the back of my polish drawer. and it’s a great color. i’m really happy to have discovered it again.

40gnai - mint green + leopard | @bulletnails

colors used: sally hansen mint sorbet, models own everyday grey, sally hansen golden-i, orly in ageless sleep, spoiled shaken snow globe.

here’s the other newly minted mani’s from this week:

40gnai - mint green + leopard | @bulletnails

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