40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – summer

the theme this week is summer. i live in san francisco. most people assume that since it’s in california it’s always sunny and warm. not the case. to illustrate that fact here is the most quoted (and incorrectly cited) saying in this city during this time of year is:

the coldest winter i ever experienced is a summer in san francisco.

it’s funny because it’s true. during the summer months, the fog rolls in low and tight and doesn’t release it’s grip until october, when we finally get a hint of the summer that everyone else just enjoyed. the fog is so prevalent here it actually has a name (karl) and a twitter account.

i started my mani with a gradient background of sunny blue, dark sparkly blue and grey (because even when it’s sunny here the fog’s not far away).

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

notice on the above photo that the polish on my middle finger is peeled away near my cuticle – that’s a problem i’ve been having with the liquid latex. it seems to pull off the polish that it’s not supposed to. something i’m going to have to experiment with. also on this pic i really love the dark blue on my thumb – it’s sort of ghosted over by the light blue – looks just like clouds or fog rolling in.

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

after the gradient i added in (by hand) the beautiful golden gate bridge. it’s one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city / world. it represents summer to me because my favorite beach here has a view of the ggbridge, sausalito, alcatraz and even the bay bridge and oakland if you look hard enough.

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

after i had the bridge painted in, i (reluctantly) covered it in fog.

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

i sponged on some grey and white to cover up the bridge. and just like in real life i tried to leave some uncovered – the meanest little tease ;)

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

colors used: sally hansen babe blue, orly magic mirror, mentality hard candy, opi guy meets gal-veston, wet n wild red a good book.

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

40gnai - summer | @bulletnails

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