40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails

Great Nail Art Ideas – weddings

this week’s prompt is weddings. i haven’t attended too many weddings in my life and i’m not one for super girly things. but i really like this manicure. it’s simple and sparkly – like me ;)

40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails

i used a nice pearly white for the base because… well it’s classic! then i have a nice glitter that i sponged on near the nail beds. i was originally going to put it on the edges like a french manicure – but i just bought a bottle of liquid latex and wanted to try it out!

40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails

it worked great :) i paid like $8 for 4 oz. tub of liquid latex body paint. i used a wand from an old lipgloss and am trying to figure out if i want a smaller container so that it doesn’t dry up while applying.

40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails

colors used: sinful colors tokyo pearl, essie hors d’oeuvres.

40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails

here’s the other man-i do’s ;)

40gnai - weddings | @bulletnails


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