40gnai - food | @bulletnails

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – food

i’ve done a few food related manicures before (popcorn, eggs & oranges). but this time i thought i’d be funny. whenever someone does all their fingernails a different color or pattern or whatever it’s called skittles. which is also a type of food!

40gnai - food | @bulletnails

i know it’s corny (aha! another food theme idea!!) but i thought it was funny. this was also a good manicure for me because my little sister and her husband were in town over the last week and i just didn’t have much time to paint my nails. so i was able to do something pretty quick and it still looks like what i wanted it to look like!

40gnai - food | @bulletnailscolors used: wet n wild red a good book, nyx girls forever 1989, models own luis lemon, spoiled i’m so jaded, and sally hansen pronto purple.40gnai - food | @bulletnails

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40gnai - food | @bulletnails


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