31DC: day two: orange

i couldn’t think of anything but oranges for the orange day two challenge. i’m sure there are many things that are orange and many patterns i could’ve done, but i couldn’t get the literal oranges out of my head.

31dc orange

i started with a base coat of sally hansen mellow yellow. using striping tape i blocked out the orange slices. the ring and thumb were mean to be the whole orange and the others are wedges. i really like this yellow and green combo though! next i applied a coat of spoiled don’t be cheesy and removed the striping tape.

31dc orange

what’s funny is that i accidentally touched one of my fingers before it dried and left a fingerprint. i was really upset thinking i would have to do that finger over. but – lo and behold – the fingerprint made it look textured like a pulpy orange! perfecto. so i went around to all my other fingers and smushed my fingerprints into each. when they were pretty wet they took the texture really well but as they dried it naturally flattened itself out. so i had to keep smushing until they dried. pretty cool!



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