26gnai - yellow + 1 bold color | @bulletnails

26gnai – yellow + 1 bold color

once again i’m ho-hum about this prompt. i don’t know if my being uninspired is due to me (there’s a lot going on in my life right now) or the prompts.

either way, i don’t like this mani – but i took the time to do it, so figured i might as well post it. i had a hard time with bold color with yellow – because yellow is such a bold color. i typically like to pair it with muted or neutral colors (grey is my fave with yellow) so that the yellow is the bold color.

26gnai - yellow + 1 bold color | @bulletnails

i thought purple would be good because it’s opposite on the color wheel. and i thought the chrome style would make it stand out more. it didn’t. i probably should have used the purple from my watercolor nails instead. oh well!

colors used: claire’s tropic thunder, sally hansen mellow yellow, pop gold glitz.

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